There are just some friends you can be passionate about Tony Stark with


when u start liking the antagonist 


You say that to try to insult me but little do u know i have accepted the meme into my heart u can no longer hurt me with it

See that girl 

Spit sick memes 

Digging the meme weeb queen 


marvel comics meme: ten/ten characters → Lorna Dane

"Wait. Aren’t you insane?
I had a bad day.


favorite characters: Clint Barton / Hawkeye 

"New York in August. S’just perfect. Underneath that baked summer scent of hot garbage, wet pennies, and pee you can kinda smell some fresh air. Already sweating. Everything’s perfect."

I’m sorry, Keita, but you’re kinda obvious hahaha

whatever u meme lord