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I’m sure this is making the rounds already, but just to make sure everyone sees this — this is a really good trial.


ok seriously tho i I LOVE MARVEL i love all these dumb characters in this universe its just 90% of the people in charge of creating canon stories of all my favs are really problematic but know that despite my saltiness about all this shitty lack of representation i am still excited for avengers 2 with all my heart i will be that nerd buying everything with avengers: age of ultron slapped on the surface and i will be the one crying on april 30th 2015 as i sit in the dark movie theater and watch my fav white boys talking to each other 

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marvel comics current creative process

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finishing a series but still being attached to the story and its characters


you’re damned if you do
and you’re damned if you don’t
so you might as well just do
whatever you want
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This is amazing. #rocketrescuerangers

the internet is such a weird place (source)


a bunch of practice nat doodles