hes such a dork

i wanna sit on his dick


Favorite Female Characters: Miss America Chavez, Young Avengers (2013)

"Your ticket to the multiverse, princess."

I knew it :’( u went down a dark path keita

I was looking for a reaction picture and idk why I saved thIS BUT IM LAUGHING

Sam, where are you?

YEPPPP. Like god forbid you just want to fuck bc your body is, if you’re into sex, KINDA WIRED TO APPRECIATE IT. Like lmao. And good lord masturbation!! how dare you!!! Hdu make yourself feel good and also relieve stress! Get outta here!

I have a confession..I secretly keep having sex with people because I don’t love myself!!!!1111 anD I’M AFRAID I’LL NEVER FIND “”“THE ONE”“”” SO I LET OTHERS USE MY BODY!!!!111

We all have preferences, and that’s all well and fine but if a man or anyone is going to disrespect you because of your sex life or something that’s your personal choice that’s safe and consensual then fuck them. Seriously you don’t need that type of negativity in your life, you’re better than that and they can go fuck themselves on their own egos.

haku23 replied to your post: "Don’t expect a man to treat you with …

Because people rarely have good sex bc we teach people not to express their desires so they’re like WELP LET’S MAKE SURE THAT NO ONE ENJOYS SEX CAUSE I’M NOT.

AND IF YOU ARE HAVING SEX ITS OBVIOUSLY BECAUSE YOU WANT TO KEEP A MAN. Which I’ve gotten once before from someone I was talking to, and he simply couldn’t believe that I could give a SHIT about keeping a fucking man why can’t I just enjoy sex because it’s fucking great to me.

And yeah it’s just now being taught that hey women like to feel good during sex and even without a partner ya know with masturbation n shit. Not just a man getting his rocks off. But people still act like its fucking taboo or some shit. Like fucking christ no wonder why so many men are lost when it comes to sex.


various ignorant videos i dont know how i got sucked into it

but this is the main one that pissed me off:


Going to bed now im sorry fuck ugh

"Don’t expect a man to treat you with respect if you’re a slut."

Pretty sure people should all be treated with mutual respect regardless of what takes place in their bedroom.