chris evans is so fucking confusing because you see him and you’re like wow i wanna ride your dick across the pacific ocean and then he opens his mouth and says some adorable nerdy shit or giggles like a school girl and you wanna bake him cookies and watch aladdin with him

what if instead of guys getting hard and girls gettng wet, guys got wet and girls got hard

brb trying to picture a hard vagina

None of the avengers are straight.

None of the avengers are straight.

Send me a couple numbers to find out:
Have you ever:
1. Skipped class?
2. Done drugs?
3. Self harmed?
4. Drank?
5. Shoplifted?
6. Gotten a tattoo?
7. Broken up with someone?
What's your favorite:
8. Show?
9. Movie?
10. Song?
11. Tumblr?
12. Singer/Band?
13. Memory?
14. Book?
This or that:
15. Invisibility or Ability to fly?
16. Cookies or Cake?
17. Twitter or Facebook?
18. Movies or Books?
19. Coke or Sprite?
20. Blind or Deaf?
21. Tea or Coffee?
What's your:
22. Age?
23. Sign?
24. Height?
25. Sexual orientation?
26. Shoe size?
27. Religion?
28. Longest relationship?
Opinion on:
29. Gay rights?
30. Second chances?
31. Long distance relationships?
32. Abortion?
33. The death penalty?
34. Marijuana ?
35. Love?
Do you:
36. Believe in ghost?
37. Shower facing the shower head or turned away from it?
38. Sleep with the door opened or closed?
39. Love someone?
40. Still watch cartoons?
41. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
42. Like yourself?


this AU has gotten entirely out of hand because im drawing their MORNING ROUTINES and thats SAD TBH

(also hectic mornings end up with great pre-caffeine outfits, such as)




Applying for jobs is starting to feel a lot like


I’ll stop reblogging this when it stops being true

If looks could kill.

When she spreads her legs and she’s already wet:






I love when i know how wet I am but he doesn’t. Then he puts his hand down there and the reaction is priceless 😈


This is gold

writing tip #878:


don’t worry so much. if the multiverse theory is true, at least one other version of you did get some writing done today

keita flirting is so hard plus why do all guys on campus just wanna have sex like boy no i don't want just sex sex will COME but first lemme hear about your taste in movies and reveal to me your dark angelic wings and let's buy each other ben and jerry's and lemme show you how bad a driver i am and lemme meet your crazy father and let's fall madly in love and THEN there can be sex

I see your point, and though I’m the type to really not care when I have sex in a relationship (as long as it feels right). I do understand, but really it takes finding the right person who will be on the same page as you. Because young guys especially I find think flirting=sex. Try befriending the guys first, then take it as slow as YOU want because if you’re not comfortable then what the hell does sex matter. If they pick up and leave they can go fuck themselves lmao.